4 Reasons to Partner With Lash Placed for Your Lash Permit Training

4 Reasons to Partner With Lash Placed for Your Lash Permit Training

Do you dream of becoming a certified eyelash extension artist? If you’re located near Louisville, Kentucky, it’s easy to make that dream a reality! Lash Placed is proud to provide professional, expert lash extension training to those interested in learning.

When you partner with us for your lash permit training, you can expect a quality and informative training experience. That’s not all, though. Read on for four more reasons why you should come to Lash Placed for your Kentucky State Board Eyelash Permit training.

cosmetologist applying makeup to woman

Work With a Licensed Cosmetologist

Lash Placed was founded by Katina Patterson, a licensed cosmetologist. She has over 20 years of experience in the industry, so you can trust that you’ll receive the proper education from her! She aims to help her clients up their beauty statement, and by enrolling in our eyelash extension training course, you’ll successfully do the same.

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Receive Expert, Comprehensive Training

Our classic seven-hour lash extension training consists of everything you need to know to become a valuable asset to the lash industry. You can expect to learn about:

  • Proper sterilization and sanitization

  • Lash business and marketing strategies

  • Client consultations and consent forms

  • The Art of Lashing on live models

cosmetologist applying eyelash extensions

Learn From an Experienced Trainer

When you book eyelash extension training at Lash Placed, you’ll learn expert techniques and insider tips from our experienced trainer, Katina Patterson. She’s been in the industry for over 20 years, so she’ll ensure you’re properly trained and equipped to get started as a certified lash artist in Kentucky.

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Gain Hands-on Experience

As you learn to apply eyelash extensions, it’s critical to have hands-on experience for a better understanding. That’s why our eyelash extension training courses provide access to live models to practice on! You’ll try the expert techniques you learn as you learn them.

Are you interested in obtaining your Kentucky State Board Eyelash permit? Don’t wait! Book your eyelash extension training with Lash Placed in Louisville today.

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