Eyelash Extension Training - Kentucky State Board Permit Training

We offer comprehensive courses and training for both beginners and professionals who want to elevate their lash game. With our training, you'll learn the latest techniques and industry standards to provide your clients with stunning, long-lasting lash extensions. Join us today and take the first step toward becoming a certified lash artist!

Kentucky State Board Permit Information

When taking our Eyelash Extension Training, you will receive a Kentucky State Board Lash Permit / License. We are affiliated with two companies of the Kentucky State Board of Cosmetology: Glad Lash and Lash Training Academy.

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To be eligible, you need to be at least 18 years old and have a high school diploma.

Having a Kentucky State Board Lash Permit / License will allow you to run your own business, work in a salon, etc. You will learn the art of lashing; receive a full lash kit; theory of lashing; sanitation and sterilization; product knowledge; business marketing and the ability to practice on a live model.

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Discover the Latest Techniques in our Eyelash Extension Classes

Also offering Lash Training in Indiana for Certification.

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  • "There's not a better, more
  • attentive trainer than Katina.
  • She is patient, kind, and knowledgeable."
five stars


  • "I received lash training by
  • Katina. She was so amazing, very
  • thorough, very patient and professional."
five stars


  • "Katina was the best instructor,
  • very informative, and loved to
  • give every tip she could provide."


Katina is the owner and founder of Lash Placed Eyelash Extensions, LLC. She is a Certified Kentucky State Board Lash permit Instructor and a Licensed Cosmetologist Instructor with over 30 years of experience. Her mission is to provide Eyelash Extension Training for others to obtain their lash certification permit.

We pride ourselves on quality and professionalism to ensure you receive proper eyelash extension training and are equipped for the Lash Industry.


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