4 Things to Look For in an Eyelash Training Course

4 Things to Look For in an Eyelash Training Course

Eyelash extensions are a stunning statement that enhances your beauty and allows you to feel your most gorgeous. With the fast-growing popularity of this industry, it’s no wonder cosmetologists in Louisville, Kentucky, are widening their range of services. Now you can be a part of the beauty industry with the help of Lash Placed. Continue reading to learn four things you should look for in an eyelash training course.

A cosmetologist checking eye lashes

Training From a Licensed Cosmetologist

Although eyelash extensions are a staggering look to strive for, safety is vital. It’s of the utmost importance you work with a trained and licensed cosmetologist. Lash Placed offers those in Louisville over 20 years of experience, along with certified and licensed cosmetologists to train you on application and safety. As certified Kentucky state board lash permit instructors as well as licensed cosmetologists, we are passionate about providing safe and proper training.

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Continued Guidance After Course Complete

Even after you’re certified, having continuing guidance and education is the key to success. In the beauty industry, continuing education is essential. So find an eyelash extensions salon that offers you continued follow-ups, even after your class is complete. At Lash Placed, we are zealous in our education and continued learning. Join our course to join our family and receive as much support and guidance as you need.

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Quality Professionalism

Professionalism is what carries you throughout your career. It’s vital to find an eyelash extensions salon, like Lash Placed, that offers you quality professionalism. Learning the social and communication skills needed for any possible situation is key in making sure you succeed. Training those in Louisville, with Lash Placed you get proper professionalism that you can continue to carry over into your new business.

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State Board Preparation

An indispensable step in doing eyelash extensions is passing state board preparation. Having a Kentucky state board lash permit and license allows you to work in a salon and run your own business. With the help of Lash Placed, you get a full lash kit, theory of lashing, sanitation, and sterilization, along with product knowledge and business marketing skills. We are fervent in our mission to help you pass your state board with confidence.

If you’re interested in the impactful art of lash extensions, work with the best in Louisville, Kentucky. Dedicated to helping you look and feel your best, book now!