Why Take Part In Our Lash Training Course?

Why Take Part In Our Lash Training Course?

If taking part in lash extension training is something that interests you, there are a few things to look for in an excellent lash extension course. These factors include going with someone who is experienced, establishes a mentorship, while providing continued education, and being affordable. At Lash Placed, we can offer you all of this and more, as we can even help you get your Kentucky state board lash permit! Visit our website to get started today.



When taking part in any type of training course, you want to make sure that your instructor has vast experience to be able to teach you correctly. At Lash Placed, our instructor Katina Patterson is one of only a few certified lash technician trainers in Kentucky. She has years of experience satisfying many happy customers while helping teach others to do the same!



Being taught how to become a lash technician is great, but it is made even better when you have a mentor to follow. Katina doesn't just teach, she mentors her students afterward as they begin their careers. Former students can come to her for a consultation, advice, or any other assistance they require. Her teaching goes beyond the classroom, as she truly cares about each one of her students achieving success.


Continued Education

Striving to learn and improve constantly is the best way to become a successful lash technician. Katina offers continued education through additional volume lash training, and these certifications allow lash artists to expand their knowledge and offerings to clients.



Taking part in lash extension training may be expensive, but at Lash Place, we offer affordable classes. Not to mention, each student receives their own kit and manual which come with all of the tools they need to succeed. Can't afford to pay for the course all in one go? No problem, as we offer you the option to break down costs into two separate payments!

If you are interested in becoming a lash technician in the Kentucky area, there is no better time to start than now! At Lash Placed, we offer our students everything they need to achieve personal success. Start your lash technician career today!