Master the Art of Volume Lash Extensions in Kentucky

Discover the world of volume lash extensions with Katina's specialized training program in Kentucky. Unlock the potential of your lash artistry skills, elevate your career, and cater to a diverse clientele seeking stunning volume lash applications.


Benefits of Volume Lash Training

Our volume lash training program offers numerous benefits, including:

Advanced Lash Techniques: Learn the art of creating volume lash fans for lush, full looks that captivate clients.

Increased Earning Potential: Volume lash extensions are in high demand, and mastering this technique allows you to charge premium rates and boost your income.

Diverse Clientele: Attract clients seeking voluminous and dramatic lash looks, expanding your customer base and reputation as a skilled lash artist


Program Overview

Our comprehensive volume lash training program is designed to equip you with the knowledge and expertise to excel in the art of volume lash extensions. The program includes:

Curriculum: Covering volume lash extension techniques, lash styling and mapping for various eye shapes, lash fill techniques, and lash retention strategies.

Hands-On Practice: Gain practical experience through live model practice, receiving personalized guidance and feedback from Katina herself.

Training Duration: Our program offers flexible training schedules to accommodate your commitments and learning pace.

Certification: Upon completion, receive a certification that adds credibility to your skills and reflects your dedication to excellence.


Why Choose Volume Lash Training in Kentucky?

Katina's volume lash training stands out for several reasons:

Respected Lash Artist: Katina is renowned for her expertise and artistry in lash extensions, offering top-notch instruction and insights.

Individualized Instruction: Benefit from small class sizes and personalized attention, tailoring the training to your unique needs.

Real-World Success: Our program prepares you for real-world challenges, empowering you to thrive in the competitive beauty industry.


Volume Lash Extension Techniques

Learn the intricacies of volume lash extensions, including:

Lash Fan Creation: Master the technique of crafting stunning and symmetrical lash fans for voluminous looks.

Lash Styling and Mapping: Customize lash designs to complement different eye shapes, enhancing the natural beauty of clients' eyes.

Lash Fill Techniques: Perfect the art of infill procedures, ensuring long-lasting volume lash applications.

Lash Retention Strategies: Discover tips to improve lash retention and maintain lash longevity for satisfied clients.

Why choose Lash Placed Academy

Lash Health and Safety

We prioritize lash health and safety throughout our training program, ensuring proper application techniques and adherence to industry best practices. Clients' well-being is our top priority.

Hands-On Practice

Build confidence and expertise through hands-on practice on live models. Experience real-world scenarios and receive personalized guidance from Katina, enhancing your skills.

Industry Insights and Tips

Benefit from Katina's valuable industry insights and tips, including product recommendations, troubleshooting techniques, and client retention strategies.

Certification and Support

By enrolling in our Eyelash Extension Training, you will have the opportunity to obtain a prestigious Kentucky State Board Lash Permit/License. We are affiliated with two companies of the Kentucky State Board of Cosmetology: Glad Lash and Lash Training Academy.


"I had an amazing experience at Lash Placed! Katina was so helpful and patient with me! She made sure I genuinely knew what I was doing and offered to help me if needed even after I finished the course!" - Makena W.

"Katina is a fabulous trainer! As a lash tech relocating entirely, her guidance and technical teaching skills towards myself and my peers was over the top!" - Kristin M.


Enrollment and Contact Information

Enroll in our volume lash training program and take the first step towards mastering the art of volume lash extensions.

For more information or registration, contact us at:

Phone: 502-314-4649


Embrace the world of volume lash extensions with Katina's specialized training in Kentucky. Elevate your career, impress clients, and be a sought-after lash artist. Enroll now and witness the transformation of your lash artistry skills in the competitive beauty industry.