Classic Lash Extensions

Unlock your potential and become a skilled lash artist with Katina's transformative Classic Professional Lash Training. Gain the expertise, confidence, and certification needed to excel in the competitive beauty industry.

Program Overview

At Lash Place Academy, we offer a comprehensive Classic Professional Lash Training program designed to equip aspiring lash artists with the skills and knowledge required to deliver stunning lash extensions. Our program combines theoretical learning with hands-on practice, ensuring you develop the expertise needed to create beautiful and safe lash applications.

Why Choose Classic Professional Lash Training?

By choosing our Classic Professional Lash Training, you'll benefit from:

Renowned Expertise: Katina is a highly respected lash artist with years of experience. Learn from her vast knowledge and industry insights.

Personalized Instruction: Our small class sizes ensure personalized attention, allowing you to learn at your own pace and receive tailored guidance.

Comprehensive Curriculum: Our program covers essential topics such as lash extension theory, application techniques, styling and mapping, lash health and safety, client consultation, fills and removal, and business essentials.

Hands-On Experience: Practice on live models under Katina's supervision, gaining practical skills and building confidence in lash applications.

Industry Insights: Benefit from valuable tips and techniques shared by Katina, including product recommendations, troubleshooting strategies, and client retention tactics.

Certification and Support: Receive certification upon completion of the program, enhancing your credibility in the industry. Enjoy ongoing support through mentorship, resources, and access to a supportive community of lash professionals.

Course Curriculum

Our Classic Professional Lash Training covers the following modules:

  • Lash extension theory and safety

  • Classic lash application techniques

  • Lash styling and mapping for different eye shapes

  • Maintaining eyelash health and safety

  • Effective client consultation and communication

  • Lash fills and safe removal techniques

  • Business Essentials for lash artists

  • Hands-On Practice

  • Eyelash Growth Cycles

  • Correct Isolation

  • Immobilizing The Eye

  • Proper Glue Control

  • How To Pick Up Lash Extensions

  • Work on Live Models

And much more!

Hands-on practice is the cornerstone of our Classic Professional Lash Training. Work on live models, honing your skills, and receiving personalized feedback from Katina. This practical experience ensures you develop the confidence and proficiency necessary for real-world lash applications.

Industry Insights and Tips

Benefit from Katina's extensive knowledge and insights as she shares valuable industry tips throughout the training. Learn about product recommendations, troubleshooting techniques, and strategies for client retention. These insights will give you a competitive edge in the lash industry.

Certification and Support

Upon completing the Classic Professional Lash Training, you will receive a certification that demonstrates your expertise and dedication. Our support doesn't end there. We offer ongoing mentorship, valuable resources, and access to a community of lash professionals to help you succeed in your lash career. You can check Lash Extension Licensing & Permits.


"I loved everything about the class! Katina was so helpful and informative about lash placement, isolation, and sanitation. She even shared information about how to build your business and things you need to do so." - Charly J.

"Katina is a fabulous trainer! As a lash tech relocating entirely, her guidance and technical teaching skills towards myself and my peers was over the top! She left myself and my peers feeling comfortable in our skill and excited to begin our new journeys!" - Kristin M.

Enrollment and Contact Information

Enrolling in our Classic Professional Lash Training is simple. To learn more or register for the program, contact us at:

Phone: (502) 314-4649

Invest in your future as a lash artist with Lash Place Academy's Classic Professional Lash Training. Join us to receive top-notch instruction, gain practical experience, and earn your certification. Take the next step towards a successful career in the exciting world of lash extensions. Enroll today and let us guide you to lash mastery.

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